Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slingbox Gets An Update

Do you travel frequently?  Do you wish you could watch your shows on multiple devices outside the home.  If you can't wait to watch shows when you are resting comfortably in your own home, then Slingbox may just be the right box for you.  And it's redesign includes an added benefit, the ability to push content from your smartphone and laptop back to the Slingbox and the TV set.  "Both products support up to full 1080p HD-quality streaming of live or recorded TV programming and Ethernet connectivity. In addition, the 500 -- which looks like a conventional set-top box that has been twisted in half -- includes HDMI inputs and outputs, plus dual-band Wi-Fi."  So Hi Def and a new design.

Echostar and Slingbox hope this new product will expand its audience reach beyond "sports fans and techno-geeks”, according to their VP of marketing.  Still, like TiVo, their biggest source of growth will be working with other cable operators to integrate their software into the cable box that currently controls the home.  If not, then the marketing push will be demonstrating just how easy the box can plug and play with the current box sitting under the TV set.

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