Tuesday, October 9, 2012

iTunes Meet Google Play, On Demand Meet Streaming

Movie night in America, when the family settles down in front of the TV to watch a movie together.  But that situation continues to take many twists and turns.  Today, the tablet and laptop allows more individuals to watch their personal favorite show and no longer need to let majority rule for the control of the content.  And on demand, cable's choice for movies and TV shows on the television set is being usurped by online streaming.  In fact, the rise of the connected TV means that these same web streaming shows can be shown on the television as well as on a mobile device.  The future growth of on demand will compete head on with iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Google Play.  "Google TV launched initially back in 2010, a service co-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech. Now, in an announcement on its blog earlier today, the Internet giant said it would be rolling out the content on its smart TV platform over the coming weeks, starting today."

Big news for Google, more competition in the streaming space for Apple and iTunes.  Certainly Apple fans have been waiting to hear more news about Apple TV.  As these competing services gain more content, they demonstrate that the iTunes model can be copied and their size can be matched.  With so much choice of content to view, consumers will have to decide which service provides the right assortment of content accessible, which service is easiest to navigate, and which service provides an ergonomically better usage and viewing experience.  All this while the cable box, and on demand struggle to compete for consumers with its clunky technology and difficult navigation. And with the rise of tablets, the edge may just to streaming media.

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