Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Next Product Releases

Some bits of news post Labor Day that Apple will be holding a press release next Wednesday.  The talk is that the next generation of the iPhone will be officially announced and new phones could be hitting the shelves shortly.  Some say the phone will be slimmer, others that the screen will be slightly larger.  And no doubt folks will be disappointed that it lacked this or that.

The other news, one that may or may not make it into next week's announcement is that Apple will also release its mini iPad in October.  Common sense would argue that one announcement a quarter is more than enough and to hold a second conference one month later seems a distraction.  Ideally, Apple making next week's announcement about both products would be big news for the company and the industry.  We can only stay patient for next week to learn finally what Apple is doing in the iPhone and iPad spaces.

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