Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Wins Patent Fight Against Samsung

Apple has won its case in court and the jury has agreed that Samsung did indeed infringe on a large number of Apple's patents.  And while the award damages exceed $1 billion, the court battle is likely to continue while the appeals process takes over.  At the same time, Samsung and other competitors may just have to go back to the drawing board to design tablets and smartphone devices that don't copy Apple.  Will this improve competition or limit it? Could it lead to more innovation or slow it down?

This court fight may have hurt Samsung a bit, but it is sure to affect Google and others as well.  "The verdict in the trial hardly concludes the legal battles over patents among companies in the mobile business. There are dozens of such cases winding their way through the courts; Samsung and Apple have also been battling in Germany, Australia and elsewhere. Even so, Samsung remains a major supplier of components for Apple products"  How ironic, that Samsung may have lost the fight but is also a winner when it comes to producing pieces for Apple devices.

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