Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TiVo Adds Another Small Cable Operator To Its List

Can slow and steady win the race?  TiVo has announced another cable partnership, this time with GCI, the Alaska cable operator, with access to over 122,000 subscribers.  How many will upgrade and take a TiVo DVR set top box remains to be seen, although most consumers don't tend to switch out their box till something goes wrong.  So the effect on growth may prove minimal given the small base.

GCI can now be added to the list.  "In the U.S., TiVo also has agreements with Charter Communications, Suddenlink Communications, RCN and Grande Communications." Of course there is also DirecTv, but missing are the other notable names from the top cable distributors.  With a need to attract millions of cable subscribers, a GCI partnership is nice, I just wish it could move TiVo's subscriber needle more.

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