Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Needs FaceTime or Skype, Kids Like to Text

No matter the allure of video calls, it just never seems to find traction. And calling in general has lost favor to e-mails and texts. For younger demos, phone calls have become less relevant to their interactions.  And the research seems to back it up.

"A British study conducted by independent media regulator Ofcom found that among 16- to 24-year-olds, phone calls are being superseded by texts or other e-messages. Per the research, 96 percent use some form of text-based communication -- either though social networks (73 percent) or through traditional texting (90 percent) -- on a daily basis. By comparison, only 67 percent of that age group talks on the phone daily. Overall, total time spent on the phone declined 5 percent for Britons of all ages, the first such drop since the 1990s, according to The Guardian."

The trend, according to the article is the same in the US.  Our kids are not using their phones as often to make real calls or to embrace the new technology of face to face through Facetime or Skype.  Instead, the preference is to send short text messages.  Have we lost the ability to communicate and is this the new generation of one sided staccato messaging back and forth?  In the long run, my hope is that we have not lost our voice.

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