Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Networks Remain Off Cable Systems

Certainly not new stories, but networks continue to remain off the air of some cable and satellite providers as time goes on.  The  big story has been the loss of Viacom networks on DirecTv.  Even Jon Stewart wants Viacom to capitulate rather than see ratings continue to suffer and advertising revenue decline.  For Time Warner Cable, it is the loss of 15 Hearst broadcast networks in various markets.  And of course there is the loss of AMC Networks on Dish Network.

An interesting comment overhead is that the longer these blackouts go, the more likely the viewer is to find alternative solutions.  Whether it is switching channels and finding new favorites, or switching cable providers, or switching to different platforms like online networks, viewers adapt and ultimately change their preferences.  The longer you as a network are off the radar, the  more likely you will be replaced and forgotten.  It is a lot harder to win back loss subs then it is to grow incremental usage.

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