Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sign In With Facebook

It seems every time I open an app, I am given an option to sign in with email or sign in with Facebook.  From TripAdvisor  to foursquare to casual gaming sites, the option to use Facebook seems to overwhelm the page and choice.  And while I am happy to have a single sight to aggregate all my sign ins, I frankly don't want to post everything I do.  A vacation picture, yes; a blog, why not.  But searches for vacation sights, and announcements of high scores seems just too much information that I wish to share.  And frankly simply clutters the data landscape.

So when I do authorize Facebook, I feel the need to go the extra mile; turn off the postings, do not share, and do not reveal.  But sometimes you feel the need to look in from the outside to see that you are sharing only what you wish and controlling the information that you want to reveal.  It seems a tricky business and a fine line.  It seems to be why I prefer when I can sign in with the email address, I do.  Perhaps it leads to spam in my email account, but better than spam to my Facebook timeline.

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