Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cord Shaving or Cord Trimming, It's About Reducing Costs

For a couple years, I've been talking about cord shaving, reducing the subscription fee to cable programming by downsizing.  Today's Paid Content article gives it a different name, cord trimming, but it means the same thing.  Whatever the name, the quest is the same, " if I’m watching my shows on my Xbox 360 and iPad most of the time, why am I paying for whole-home HD DVR service?"  As bills for cable, broadband, and telephone rise, consumers are fighting back.

The easiest may be to drop the wired phone.  If your wireless phone is always on and with you, why a house number.  Second, as the author has found, drop the level of service or negotiate with your provider on the threat of switching providers.  Last, take less premium movie services; let Netflix or iTunes provide you with the movies and shows you want to watch.  They may be last season, but they still entertain.

We may not be able to full cut the cord on cable programming, but we can find the ways to shave or trim our bills by actively seeking these types of savings.

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