Monday, February 27, 2012

Rutledge Sees Opportunity From Charter Homes Passed

With the lowest penetration of basic subs to homes passed in the industry, new CEO Tom Rutledge sees basic sub growth for Charter Cable. According to Rutledge, "It's got a huge runway in terms of opportunity and it can be a much larger company without any kind of change in potential marketplace."
With a coverage of 12 million and only 4.1 customers, a push to build out connections is necessary. But why haven't they taken advantage of the Charter offer in the past and what are customers currently using for cable, broadband and telephone. It is an obvious base to draw from, but a clear strategy to change customer habits is clearly needed. Do prospective customers have a pricing issue with Charter or is it service? Why have they been avoided and how do they overcome a possible negative sentiment. Its been a rocky ship that needs firm guidance to right.

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