Friday, February 24, 2012

Dish Aims To Be A Disruptive Innovator

Dish Network seems ready to compete in the next generation of connectivity. While subscription to its satellite service is growing again, it saw a yearly net loss of subs. It purchased Blockbuster Video Stores but is now ready to close 500 of them to concentrate on the streaming content business. And it sees the future of its operations as a wireless venture. "The company is awaiting approvals from the Federal Communications Commission that will let it to use the satellite spectrum it purchased from TerreStar Networks Inc. and DBSD North America Inc. to build a wireless network." To compete successfully against cable and telco, the push must be toward two way communication. A wireless network provides the backbone to compete on services to offer to the consumer and the home.

Dish's Chairman, Charlie Ergen, seems to relish this role. "'We have a history of being disruptive in the video business. I think we will be disruptive in the wireless business'", he said. With LightSquared future in doubt, Dish could be the ones to best offer a competitive package to the consumer seeking access to content and communication wherever and whenever they want. The wire is a nice tether when we are in the home; but outside, it, we want to roam free. Dish could just be a disruptive innovator to the current marketplace.

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