Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs' Business Lessons

Steve Jobs has left an amazing legacy on the business world. He built success from failure and didn't let failure stop him. Others might have quit, but Jobs never did. It may be fun to list his products that failed, from the Apple III to Lisa to the Newton, but he also gave us the mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. He transformed the music industry and built a retail empire that hired workers and delivered superior customer face to face service. Amazing given that his products could be noted for not needing human interaction.

He taught us to "think differently" and to never give up. And he never stopped. He turned the movie industry on its ear with the rise of Pixar and changed Disney as a result. He like Walt Disney made you believe in magic.

Apple will continue to prosper as will Disney, but the legacy of Steve Jobs will be felt for some time. He taught us amazing lessons of perseverance and passion. He made us believe and to see failure as the road to success. Simply put, we should follow from his example.

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