Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Still Shines

Steve Jobs legacy will be felt for some time and Apple will continue to dazzle. Despite a mediocre response to the latest iPhone news, advance orders for the next generation of iPhone are doing quite well. "Apple Inc. said on Monday that pre-orders for its new iPhone 4S set a record last week with more than 1 million units snatched up online in the first 24 hours. The results top the previous one-day pre-order record of 600,000, set by the new unit's predecessor, the iPhone 4." That the iPhone is now available to Sprint customers is one reason, and there are many users that simply want the next generation of iPhone no matter what. The latest software update with Siri voice command may be the next winning idea for Apple.

And as Apple attracts more customers to its devices, it also attracts more users to its App store. It is a healthy business model that will enable Apple to continue to grow.

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