Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Could Siri Be The Brains Of The Apple TV?

With the death of Steve Jobs and the release of his biography comes word that Apple has been working on building a new kind of TV set. No official word from inside Apple, but a ton of speculation around what could be the neatest thing to hit TV sets, voice commands. Just as Siri is taking the iPhone to new heights, rumors are that Siri could also be the extra pop in the next evolution of TV manufacturing.

It makes me think of old Start Trek movies. Scotty speaking to the pc, "Computer,get me...". So why can't we simply get the TV to first recognize our voices and then reply as we address it. "TV, turn the channel to Bravo" or "TV, record all episodes of Saturday Night Live." "TV, display DVR recordings or TV, search web for Daily Show clips". No more remote. No more buttons. All voice commands. Siri may just be the future of TV.

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