Thursday, October 27, 2011

Content Always On And Available...Not Always

Pulling a page from the Disney marketing strategy, Warner Brothers has decided that the best way to create need is to create want. This is being done by pulling film titles out of general circulation so that a renewed desire is created. Disney has been successful at pulling their animation films out of circulation only to re-release them to a new audience. They have repeatedly done this, the most recent being the re-release of "The Lion King" in 3D. A DVD re-release is soon to follow. A whole new audience got to enjoy this film in a whole new format. And for little marketing cost, Disney saw a huge return.

Now it is Warner Brothers' turn with the Harry Potter franchise. With DVDs everywhere and the films constantly being played on ABC Family, it seems time to hide them away for a few years and build some new want for the movies. Can these movies, aimed at an older audience than Disney films achieve the same kind of renewed demand. It certainly is a strategy worth testing. At the same time, the concern could be that this franchise could be usurped by another franchise. As there are no new Harry Potter books to come out, audiences may prefer to watch other more relevant book to movie titles. Percy Jackson are you listening?

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