Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon Trying To Enhance Its Mobile Play

Sometimes it is easier to build from scratch, other times it is easier to buy. And the latest acquisition attempt buy Amazon seems a smart move to keep in competitive step with Apple. Latest reports have Amazon in high level talks to buy Palm from Hewlett Packard. "Palm makes the webOS mobile operating system. The software is well-regarded by industry observers, but Palm devices have failed in the marketplace."

Like the PC operating system, there seems to be two main players, Apple and the other guy. While Microsoft seems to be fumbling the ball in the mobile space, Amazon looks to be taking a very strategic, forward thinking route to compete with Apple and command more market share. And there is belief that the Palm operating system will mesh with the Android system that Amazon currently uses. "Android apps are written in the programming language Java and versions of webOS can run Java apps, so it should be possible (though perhaps slightly tricky) for Amazon to get the apps on its app store to run on the webOS platform."

It is fascinating to watch a company like Amazon, which started as an online distribution platform for selling and delivering merchandise to an online platform selling and delivering software. And unlike Netflix, Amazon hasn't made a move to divorce its new business from its old. Apple continues to grow too, adding a brick and mortar presence to enhance its online. Perhaps, Amazon may find itself buying a brick and mortar business, too.

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