Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Step Aside Sirius, Mog Wants A Seat In The Car

It seems Sirius has another contender in the satellite radio industry. Mog, a streaming music service, is using the smartphone and a deal with BMW to bring another service to the consumer. "Mog’s controls on the Mini are integrated into the dashboard’s digital display, and activated by hooking up a smartphone through the car’s Mini Connected system. The program connects to the Internet through the phone, but otherwise it is handled entirely through the standard dashboard controls." In addition, Mog is doing deals with TV and Blu-ray manufacturers to bring their subscription service into the home as well, something Sirius has yet to do. The versatility of it's service to more places should attract more users as well.

But Sirius shouldn't be the only ones concerned. Pandora and Rhapsody also occupy the home space and Apple and Google would like nothing better than to make more inroads as well. To me, the key remains the centralization of the assets, either accessed by a server for the whole home to enjoy or as is now being pushed, the cloud. Apple wants to utilize the cloud for iTune users as are others. With content in the clouds, content is accessed easily from anywhere as long as their is a connection. And what you want, when you want, where you want is ultimately what the consumer desires.

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