Monday, March 7, 2011

The Merging of Facebook and Skype?

Do you want to merge your Facebook account with Skype. All those friends you have added, are you ready to talk with them every time you are posting? Or will you be encouraged to do your Facebook activity offline. Well the idea of converging the two sites may become a reality. "Facebook Inc., the world’s biggest social-networking company, is holding talks with Skype Technologies SA about offering Web video calls to its 500 million users, two people familiar with the discussions said." So does this work for you or would you prefer to keep the two separate?

Perhaps, it may require us as Facebook users to classify our "friends" in different categories, those that we want to enable full communication access and those that are enabled to simply read and write posts. Perhaps we simply don't want all our friend to know all the time whether we are online or not. Right, I mean some friends are closer than others, and in the case of Facebook, some are simply acquaintances.

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