Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will Broadband Become Another Utility?

As discussions on net neutrality rage on, one idea that has been pushed has been pay for play. The heavier the usage, like videos and movie streaming, the higher the fees. No more unlimited time. Well, the good folks at Comcast, in an attempt to move their merger with NBC forward, have declared, no usage fees. "Comcast Cable Communications president Neil Smit said the nation's largest cable operator won't push for hefty charges for heavy users of its broadband service, despite recent Federal Communications Commission moves that would appear to open the door for price increases." Great, but for how long? Until the merger is approved, for one year, forever? Sometimes you wonder if these types of pronouncements are more political than true. Just like a politician, much is promised, but less is delivered. Let's just not be naive to the rhetoric.

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