Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Color Nook Is Here

E-book lovers get another generation product to satisfy their reading needs, the color Nook by Barnes and Noble. To me it seems a cross between the Kindle and the iPad and blurs the line between tablet and e-reader. Which device to purchase. One that is devoted to reading or one that also serves up video and more. I guess the answer today comes down to consumer needs and price.

It reminds me of the days many years ago when buying my first stereo system. Did you buy the all in one that combined the turntable, receiver, and cassette player or did you buy components. Want to read a book, take out your reader, want to watch a video, take out your iPad. The challenge is that because these devices tend to be more mobile, carrying more than one can be cumbersome and heavy. An all-in-one device seems more appropriate although the fear is that once the power is discharged, you are done. The more you ask of the device, the more power it needs to consume and the shorter the usage between charging.

As the article says, the readers keep improving. and in 5 years, we will marvel at how much more complex they have become. Let's hope that in that time, the power issue is solved, too.

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