Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comcast-NBCU Tell Staffs Deal Won’t Close This Year

The train has been delayed, not cancelled, but delayed as the likely merger between NBCU and Comcast will not be closed by end of the year. Certainly for fiscal year reporting, not clean, but so goes the slow engine of the government. For fired staff members of NBCU, more days of employment, and for others, who knows.

"Despite considerable objection, including from the very vocal Sen. Al Franken, the merger still appears to be on track for approval but it also likely will come with strings attached designed to protect consumers from the consolidation." What will those rules entail and how will they impact the future business of this merged organization remains to be seen. But like we say in business, there is always a work around solution. And whatever the rules may be, solutions will be found to allow the business to move forward. Ahhh, the old loophole trick.

When will the deal close? Some speculation the delay may only be two weeks or less, others through January. Hard to imagine it going on too much longer.

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