Monday, November 1, 2010

What Next

So it is the start of the new month, with thoughts of the holiday and new gadgets for the home, office, and play. Content remains king as Cablevision finally acquiesces to Fox's terms, as did Dish a few days earlier. Apple is suing Motorola for stealing patents and Tivo is still waiting to resolve its long term patent fight with Dish. New Apple iPads and iPhones are coming to market as are a multitude of other tablet-like products. And 3D remains the possible next great TV upgrade.

It is clear to me that the pace of change is quickening and competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. What is ahead for 2011. Soon the prognosticators will emerge with their insights on what to expect. For me, a few obvious and some not so obvious:

1. Verizon iPhone and iPad are instant successes
2. A major Cable Distributor merges with another
3. Tivo finally wins it's patent fight with Dish
4. Apple buys a content company
5. Comcast and NBC do indeed merge but with many caveats
6. And another network goes off the air in its contract dispute.

Put it in a jar. I'm picking early and I'm feeling confident in my predictions.

What are yours?

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