Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Online

It's election day and so it it is time to go out and vote. So vote early and often. Seriously, just vote. It remains the one true way our voices are heard.

As it related to the changing entertainment landscape. Well just look around. Political messages are not just on TV, radio, and print. They are on Twitter, Facebook, web pages and other online tools. And so it is not surprising that election coverage will also be accessed both on traditional media and online. "ABC, CBS and PBS will each stream part of their election-night coverage on the Web on Tuesday, and NBC and ABC plan six hours of results lasting into early Wednesday morning. The networks will involve some of the biggest and most popular websites — Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo! — in delivering their versions of the news."

Content, regardless of what it constitutes, is being consumed across all media platforms. Live coverage, whether sports or election results, demonstrate the need to make it accessible anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Consumers no longer want to wait to get home or for the morning paper to learn results. They want the news to follow them and not the other way around.

As the elections choose a winner, so too will media consumption demonstrate how far we are trending toward online and mobile consumption. Much has changed in the last decade. And nights like these demonstrate how much farther we can still go.

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