Friday, November 5, 2010

What Does Election Mean For Net Neutrality

News has been a little quiet on the FCC's net neutrality moves. It seems they were waiting till after the election before taking the next steps. The FCC is trying to find ways to force all broadband distribution to treat equally all online content, regardless of file size and usage demands. And their attempt to get a bill passed has now gotten more difficult. "The widespread Democratic losses made an already uphill battle even tougher. More than a dozen incumbent congressmen who had voted for a similar Net neutrality bill in 2006 were voted out of office on Tuesday, most notably Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., a 28-year House veteran." Without congressional support for net neutrality, a bill unlikely to go through.

Should all online content be treated equally? Shouldn't a free economy enable companies to pay for better positioning. Isn't that what the NY Jets and NY Giants did with PSLs for season ticket seats. If an online company is willing to pay to get it's content through the pipe faster, shouldn't they be allowed. And why can't the broadband platforms benefit from offering prime positioning. It seems that is the way the world is headed and net neutrality will become ancient memory.

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