Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Remote Needed With Kinect

Microsoft has faced a number of challenges lately. Beyond its Windows Platform, it has yet to see success in mobile phones, tablets, or music devices. Its one exception, gaming. Their XBox 360 has been a hit and now they have enhanced its features with Kinect, a hands free, motion detector device, that recognizes players and puts them and their physical actions into the game. "By all accounts, Kinect is loads of fun. The black rectangular device, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, lets your on-screen character faithfully mimic your movements. It'll have you flailing your arms to steer on-screen cars using an invisible steering wheel." No fear of throwing your remote into your TV screen either!

Expectations for success are high with analysts expecting 5 million units being sold this Holiday season. But at its high price tag, X Box customers must determine whether the extra feature is worth it. "That said, it's not essential.. And at $150, it's a pricey proposition. Buy it with the console and a few $50 games, and the price tag for fun can quickly rise to $400." We currently have in our home the XBox, the Wii, and an old Playstation 2, not to mention a DSi, and ipods withe game apps. My son's big ask this Holiday is not the Kinect but to add the Live feature to his XBox. Which way to go?

Certainly, before we make the decision on purchasing the Kinect, we will see if the games themselves are of interest to him. if the games aren't compelling, why would the Kinect device be needed. I look forward to seeing how the Kinect games stack up to the Wii games. That may ultimately determine how successful the Kinect will be.

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