Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hulu Usage Dropping

Hulu, the darling of internet streaming of TV shows, is losing its appeal. According to Comscore, Hulu usage dropped 45% in June. That drops their ranking down to 10th place. This is a big drop from a site that was recently at the top of the mountain. "The new figures are expected to affect Hulu's ability to win additional advertisers." Couple that with a desire to move users into a subscription package and you have users leaving in droves. Naturally advertising dollars will drop as well.

Is this simply due to Summer viewership trends and the Fall will see a bounce? Or is it something deeper. The rise of VOD and DVR usage that allows users access to the same shows on their bigger TV sets. And as cable operators, like Comcast, enable users to stream these shows through Fancast, Hulu becomes an afterthought.

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