Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheaper Kindle

How low can you go, how low can you go. So goes the refrain and so goes the price of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Figuring a low price strategy is the one sure fire way to beat Apple and others, Kindle has built a faster device at an even lower price. "This new Kindle, Amazon's third generation, is smaller by 21 percent, and 15 percent lighter too....To date, all Kindles have used a wireless connection to a 3G network to get books and manage subscriptions. The new ones have Wi-Fi inside, so that people at home or at a coffee shop could log on via that network instead. One Kindle still costs $189, and has both 3G wireless and Wi-Fi inside. The cheaper $139 model only connects through Wi-Fi — and only comes in graphite."

So, does the new Kindle at a low price get you excited to buy one? Or is your heart still set on an Apple iPad, despite its higher price. As my briefcase seems to get heavier, I am liking the idea of a e-book device to read by as well as lighten by bag. At the same time, I like the versatility of the iPad vs. the Kindle. Am I ready to buy. I think I need one more generation shift. But regardless, I think it will be the iPad.

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