Saturday, June 5, 2010

iPad the Savior of Newspapers and Magazines

Apple's iPad may be what ultimately rescues the newspaper and magazine industry. "Companies are paying newspapers and magazines up to five times as much to place ads in their iPad applications as what similar advertising costs on regular websites." And add to that a rise in subscription and content will remain king once again. The iPad appeal is that it allows print to be refreshed and updated at a moment's notice. it expands the print article to include video to augment the story. Just imagine Sports Illustrated not just writing about a perfect call gone bad by an umpire's poor call, but link the video and watch it along with reading the analysis.

No longer will newspapers be thrown onto the driveway every morning; rather, downloaded to your device. Coupons sent electronically and moved from iPad to mobile phone. And like a printed piece, authorized to be shared with others in your family. Will the iPad replace print altogether. Not immediately. For some, it will be hard to give up print. But over time, it will be the norm.

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