Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple's WWDC Conference Opens Today And...

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference opens this morning in San Francisco and once again the world awaits news on what is next from Apple. Of course, we have already seen the prototype of the next generation of iPhone. Will there be more? And what is in store for the iPad, iTouch, and Mac line of computers. And will more be said on his Apple TV, a device that never really got off the ground. Not only are fans interested in hearing what is in store, the stock market is watching, too.

Will price discounts be announced, software or operating system upgrades, or changes to the iTunes store? Perhaps more partnership deals to ensure more APPs make it through the pipeline to its devices. And there is always the classic Columbo line, "Just one more thing" to wait for. The bigger the news, the bigger the swing on Wall Street. Will today be one for the record books.

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