Friday, June 18, 2010

Does Broadband Access Need Regulation?

The FCC is finding new avenues to control the world wide web highway known by many as broadband. As content files get larger and traffic jams occur, will policing help the traffic flow. When I see real police manage traffic flow, I sometimes wonder if they are easing flow or simply exacerbating delays. The same may hold true on the broadband highway. The increase in government involvement tends to have the opposite effect on innovation. Allowing economic forces to work in a free market enables companies to technically improve and build better and better mousetraps in order to compete most effectively. With regulation, the impetus to improve is sometimes squashed.

"'Today's wireless and broadband markets require significant capital investment to anticipate and meet growing consumer demand,' said Mobile Future in a statement. 'Unfortunately, today's FCC action puts future growth and investment at risk and creates unnecessary turmoil in one of the key drivers of the U.S. economy.' Mobile Future members include AT&T and T-Mobile."

This action will surely be fought over years and will not find a quick resolution. Hopefully before regulation is in place, innovation can make the need for regulation unneccessary.

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