Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 A Hit

Apple seems to know exactly what the consumer wants from its technology. Their successes continue to pile up, the latest being the pre-sale of its latest iPhone version. "Apple said pre-orders for its iPhone 4 rang up a new single-day advance-sales record -- despite massive ordering glitches that left many potential buyers hanging." That accounts for more than 600,000 orders in one day! How many are new customers and how many are upgrades remain to be learned, but it is a significant jump in just one day. It seems Apple can't build then fast enough to satisfy the demand.

And for Apple it is not a one time sale. Each of these consumers have access to the iTune site and will most likely order app after app to make their iPhone and other devices more appealing. It is that ongoing revenue stream that is Apple's greatest strength and will ultimately raise the value of their stock. As the line from the movie Field of Dreams correctly indicates, "If you build it, they will come."

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