Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Entertainment Trends From Nielsenwire

According to Nielsen, here are the top trends in entertainment in 2010:

1. Digital media shows solid growth.
2. New functionality and price drops increase gaming usage.
3. Rehashed, replayed games risk saturating the gaming market.
4. Sports globalization offers a new range of opportunities.
5. Piracy is a major concern for artists, authors and publishers.

While I agree that digital media will grow, that trend has been present for years. Web surfing, e-mail, e-books, iPhones, and more have dominated the landscape. There use will continue to dominate other media.

And gaming is becoming more universal, not just on in home devices like Xbox and Wii, but on smart phones and other mobile devices too. Gaming though is an addiction, a drug, that takes time away from more useful ventures. It may be fun, it may be challenging, and it certainly is engrossing; but, gaming does not lead to productivity. It is a time suck that needs to be better managed or our youth, and perhaps us, too, will find her minds numbed from staring at gems popping, tiles moving, virtual soldiers shooting, and farmers plowing non-existent farms. It is one trend that is growing and becoming potentially more problematic, too. Unfortunately, I also encourage it in my home. The only solution, not to do away with it entirely, but to limit time spent so that it does not become a downward spiralling addiction.

And with competition for gaming, Game Stop has emerged as a key player for finding and purchasing games. Both new and used games are available for purchase. Replayed games are good for the pocketbook, tougher on new sales. Would you rather pay $19 for Madden '08 or $50 for Madden '10? Seems obvious which one is most appealing.

Sports globalization. In 2010 we get both the Winter Olympics and World Cup, 2 global competitions. Certainly of more world interest than the USA annual events known as the Bowl Games, Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball, World Series, etc. Two global competitions in one year, but a trend past 2010, I'm not so sure.

And lastly, Piracy. A trend that has been around since music went digital years ago. As long as content costs money, folks will look for ways to get that same content for less money or nothing at all. Before digital, people went into movie theaters and illegally filmed new releases just to resell them for less. Digital copies simply makes the process less cumbersome. A trend, no; a reality, yes.

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