Monday, December 21, 2009

Can Leno Be Saved? Let Me Program NBC!

The Jay Leno Show at 10 pm is a failure and NBC affiliates seems to agree. "'The handwriting is on the wall,' Alan Frank, who runs two NBC stations including the affiliate in Detroit, told the trade publication Broadcasting & Cable over the weekend." Affiliates have had enough and are dropping the show for local content. Heck David Letterman failed as a daytime talk show. It shows that success in one time period does not necessarily guarantee success in another time spot.

But there is a solution for NBC that brings affiliates back and saves Jay Leno. Move The Jay Leno Show to 10 PM on Saturday night, a night most recently used to showcase repeats from the week prior. As a one night a week variety show, Jay can focus on variety acts, comedy, and monologue. In fact, make it live to show that anything is possible. A greater lead in to news and perhaps to Saturday Night Live as well. Frankly, one show a week is enough for Jay. Think Ed Sullivan and Carol Burnett and design accordingly.

And what to do with 10 pm Monday through Friday? Well there is always Law and Order until new shows are ready to premiere. Other suggestions, bring back a good western and a good family drama, and a good guest filled episodic. Get back to the roots of good television. Otherwise, we can watch NBC continue to suffer.

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