Friday, September 11, 2009

Time Inc. Looking AT An E-Reader

Time Inc., owner of print titles like Sports Illustrated, Time, People, and others, may be adding E-Book distributor too! "It's a big shift in strategy by Time, which earlier this year said it would not introduce its own e-reader. But things have changed, and Time's plans for the e-reader market are on a fast track. According to the in-house presentation, Time Inc. is seeking to unveil its plans within the next three months." It seems smart to own both the content and the distribution; why give away some of the profit to middleman. That is what cable is facing today with its programming. Sell networks through a cable operator who packages it and sells it as a cable subscription or sell the network or just individual programs directly to the consumer through a broadband connection.

Time may not be alone in this strategy. "Publishers are interested in the market as well. News Corp. is exploring an electronic reader for its large newspaper business. Hearst, a large magazine publisher, also unveiled its own plans for an e-reader in March."

Will 2010 be the year that E-books really take off and get wider acceptance by the consumer. Will the price point drop and the flexibility improve to make it the must have device of the year. Content producers are certainly getting on board that train.

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