Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shouldn't an HD Commercial Touting HD Service Be Filmed in HD

I am a recent purchaser of a Hi Def TV set so I have to admit that I am thrilled to watch anything in HD. And I have become much more particular about what channels I watch, so that my 1000 channels has dropped to about 20. So as I was watching this morning on an HD channel, a commercial came on from a cable TV provider (I won't say who) touting its number of HD channels over its competitor(s). More HD channels, not duplicates, best, most...all the adjectives! But here is the kicker. The commercial, touting its HD claims, was in standard definition. How odd. Customers without HD would never notice, so I guess they are selling a future benefit when (or if) these customers join the HD revolution. But to customers like me, with an HD set, and most likely also interested in feeding our appetite with more HD choices, the commercial seems to suggest that the company that it represents really doesn't have a credible message to sell. Selling more HD channels, better HD programs, but not really. I say fire your ad agency and production company, they really blew this one.

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