Monday, August 31, 2009

Major League Baseball: A Dollar A Game

Wish you could watch a certain out of market baseball game, but not interested in going to a bar or buying a full season pass. Perhaps you've pseudo-watched on the web, as stats and action was announced on a diamond mock-up. Well, it seems that now you can buy just one game at a time for just a buck. What a deal. "Bob Bowman, CEO of Major League Baseball Advanced Media–pro baseball’s standalone digital media company–tells me iPhone and iPod touch users will soon be able to buy individual games. The feature will be added to the company’s existing app and will roll out as soon as Apple (AAPL) finishes approving the update, which Bowman expects to happen within the next few days." Now this sounds pretty user friendly. So when can I buy the same game on my big screen TV for the same price. Most people won't realize they could have bought the season when they finally count the games they bought. It sounds like a great revenue enhancing idea.

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