Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jury Still Out on Leno

Until all the premieres are out and viewers settle into their viewing patterns, I will withhold judgement on the success of The Jay Leno Show. It is said that because the show is inexpensive to produce and fills 5 hours of programming a week, a small rating can still generate a significant return. In fact, "With just a 1.5 rating, "The Jay Leno Show" could make $300 million a year for NBC". That is assuming that it is reaching the right demographic and that advertisers see value for its dollar.

While there are many who have voiced their criticism on the content, the audience size is really what counts. If it generates enough audience to get a sufficient CPM, then all will be good. Or will it? Can The Jay Leno Show be syndicated like a scripted show? Will the audience watch a rerun? Will they buy it on iTune or watch it with ads on Hulu? Does the show have any ancillary value to compete with other scripted series or is it simply a stop gap to keep Jay from switching to a rival network?

And so I withhold judgement till Thanksgiving cause then I think it will all shake out.

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