Thursday, September 10, 2009

Both Comcast and Time Warner Looking For More Acquisitions

It seems the recession may be over, Comcast and Time Warner have both announced their interest in acquiring content. And there may be a number of content companies up for grabs: Scripps, Rainbow, even NBC.

Both Comcast and Time Warner see a reason to expand. Time Warner Chief Financial Officer John Martin said said: "'We are trying to focus our resources in capital, we've identified areas where we will be willing to local TV and home production, games and networks where we could opportunistically and thoughtfully expand, and opportunities to identify emerging territories where we could build.'" Comcast has a slightly different angle. According to Chief Operating Officer Stephen Burke, "'We wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't figure out a way to get bigger in the cable content business', said Burke. 'At our core, we believe content and distribution work well together.'"

I am sure the M&A world is buzzing now!

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