Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Record 589 Million Views Served, Up 15% Year Over Year

VOD views on a month over month basis are soaring! On demand views for June 2008 grew by 15% for June 2009. "For 2008, operators served 3.8 billion VOD orders (excluding adult programming), a year-over-year increase of 28%, according to Rentrak's annual report." This data from Rentrak represents data from the top cable operators covering over 70 million digital cable set-top boxes. Viewers love VOD!!!

It would also be valuable to get the research on unique user growth. Are more viewers using VOD or are the current users simply watching more VOD. And what the average number of titles viewed per set top box is and how much that is rising too. "This June, subscribers viewed an average of 16.5 minutes of VOD per day per active unique set-top box, up 10% from the previous month. Free VOD children's content had its best month of the year, with 106 million views, a 7% increase over May." I would expect to see a noticeable bump in new usage although there still remains a significant portion of the population hesitant to use VOD, especially on a transactional basis, as opposed to free on demand.

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