Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comcast Teams With RealNetworks For Web Games

Can't get enough games, well more is on the way. Comcast is adding games through its internet portal as well. "Through the partnership with RealNetworks' RealGames division, users can download trial versions or buy full-version games. In addition, the site offers a subscription service, GamePass, that allows customers to purchase games for $6.99 per month." As a fan of casual gaming, it could be fun; but with so many other web sites and social networks offering gaming as well, I wonder how differentiated these games are from those. And would exclusivity on a game through a particular IP provider be another differentiation tool in the fight for customers. "Comcast also said it is using a tool from marketing-technology company Bunchball to provide broadband customers with "reward-based activities" that include earning points through game play and redeeming them for virtual goods." Are real rewards and prizes, like free movie rentals and premium discounts, the way to go. It might just further incent me to remain loyal.

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