Monday, November 17, 2008

Web Video Chips Away at TV

One study says that online usage complements TV viewing, others say it cannibalizes. Can we have it both ways? This study suggests the latter, but it also says "online viewers don't mind the commercials too much." My feeling is that compared to the glut on TV, web video advertising is a pleasure. Sites like Hulu limit commercials to just one spot compared to TV which could have 3 minutes of ads. Comparatively, of course you wouldn't mind online commercials.

Another interesting analysis, "almost 60 percent of the respondents said they were willing to provide to advertisers some personal information about themselves in exchange for something of value, such as access to high-quality music videos, store discounts or airline frequent-flyer points." If TV would cut back on the glut of spots and use its technology to target spots and offer interactivity, it would find a more willing viewer as well. Just imagine clicking on a TV spot that would email you a coupon to download and take in to the store. The web may have the connection, but viewers still prefer long form content on their TV set. It will be the interactive potential that will make TV the better choice for the advertising dollar. And this is what Canoe will be able to offer.

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