Monday, November 17, 2008

TiVo, Domino's Offer Pizza Delivery Service for DVR Subscribers

Order a pizza from your TV, if this sounds familiar, it's because we've seen this before. Now Tivo has announced that it has partnered with Dominoes to let their subscribers order a pizza delivery through their device. "The TiVo service will help Domino's reach customers who might otherwise skip through its commercials on their DVRs, the companies said." As a marketing partnership,it will put the brand in front of customers, but as a service, it will be a dud. Customers are still much more likely to order by phone; they have yet to use their PC to order from a menu. Cable operators used this same marketing ploy years ago to add features to its set top box; it did not work. Customers will gravitate to the device that is easiest and quickest to use. Until the application proves more useful than the phone, customers will find no reason to switch.

"TiVo Chief Executive Officer Thomas Rogers has added shopping and video-on-demand features to attract users as cable and satellite companies roll out their own DVRs. The Alviso, California-based company lost 178,000 net subscribers in the second quarter, finishing with a total of 3.6 million." Tivo should continue to push its partnerships across cable operators as the better DVR for the set top. In addition, it should partner with game boxes like Playstation, Xbox, and Wii, to be their interface as well. It is partnering with those companies that will bring Tivo more customers.

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