Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Reissuing of Digital to Analog Coupons?

Will the transition of Digital to Analog happen on February 17, 2009? Are consumers ready for the conversion or will the government need to delay the date. As a cable customer, I have done nothing. Two of my sets are on a converter box, the rest are not; we get our unscrambled signal through the wire directly into the TV set. And while we aren't getting every channel on those sets, we get enough of the ones we watch to satisfy us. And I like the remote that came with the set far more than I like the one that works with the cable box. And the one set has a Tivo to record the broadcast shows we watch.

As long as the cable company leaves well enough alone, I will remain loyal. But once they force me to put a box on every set, I will revisit my decision and may find that the impetus to switch from Comcast to Fios.

And for those poor souls with an antennae still on their roof, well let's just say that the NCTA is not making it easier or you. "The head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration told Congress the NTIA still does not have the inclination or authority to reissue digital-TV-to-analog converter-box-subsidy coupons to households that did not or could not redeem them before the 90-day expiration date." How nice. This conversion will not be easy and the NCTA is not helping.

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