Thursday, September 18, 2008

DVDs Account For 81% of Video Spending

So DVD sales still represents a solid majority of sales verse the internet. It breaks down like this, "41% of the amount consumers pay for movies and video is spent on DVD movie purchases; 11% for purchases of TV programs on DVD; 29% on DVD rentals (including from Netflix)." And of the total, only 0.5% are paid downloads. The research also says that over the last three months, most consumers watched a DVD they purchased or rented, while only 18% watched a VOD movie, and even less watched a downloaded movie.

But does this research paint an accurate picture and where are the trends? In my household, VOD movie surpasses DVD movies 9 out of 10 times. In fact, we are more likely to check out VOD titles before going back into our DVD library. And VOD usage as well as internet usage continues to increase. So where are the trends/ Is my household leading the trend or are we behind it? I believe the DVD, while a great device, is fading. While DVDs already fill a number of bookcase shelves, (and more can fit as they are smaller than their predecessor, the VHS tape), it is time to replace them with an even smaller device. Is it a flash drive or smaller. Will all my movies fit on an iPod to be connected to the TV or PC when I need a bigger screen? Try taking a portable DVD player with you on a trip and try to fit all the DVDs that you might like to watch with you.

People are still watching their DVDs, but are they purchasing them at the same rate as last year or the year before. Their DVD libraries aren't going away, but are they getting any larger. Maybe that is the real trend to watch.

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