Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Oscars on Sunday Night

Am I the only one surprised that ABC is not putting more effort in Sunday night's telecast of the Oscars. Everything is being geared to the linear telecast, but no consideration seems to be given to all the other opportunities. What opportunities - they could push a vote of winners on their website and through mobile phones, they could advertise behind the scene streaning on their website, they could ask for downloads of viewers interpretation of this year's best movie scenes, they could announce a live chat with the winners, and so much more. Heck they could try selling on dvd's of the winners, discounted if they order the night of the telecast. Instead, we will most likely see a linear telecast with the same insipid monologue, silly repartee between presenters, and bad acceptance speeches.

Lots of favorites to root for, but the one I most want to see is the Best Director to Martin Scorsese. Too long a wait after too many great films. The Departed is not his best work, but it is very good and offers great performances. He deserves the Best Director award simply because of his entire filmography of work.

Lastly, Best Picture. The problem with the category is no one can define what a best picture means "officially". To me, it should be a film that lasts through time. And my winner is Little Miss Sunshine.

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