Friday, February 23, 2007

Entertainment at Home and on the Go

Audio and Video entertainment no longer makes us wait; rather, with on-demand and streaming, it comes when we want, where we want. The idea of the 1000 channel universe is in the past; today, the choice is endless. And lastly, we are no longer tied to a wire to receive entertainmnet or information content; today it can be had wirelessly.

Still, there is one thing that has not changed for these mobile devices. The lifespan of the battery is still extremely limited. Devices may do a lot more, but we still need power to keep it going...and going...and going! So one of the next challenges out there will be a quantum leap in power. A battery that holds the charge or regenerates power to adequately run all the programming being offered. Till that leap is made, I'm afraid we will be recharging our cellular phones, blackberries, pda's, gameboys, portable dvd players and computers nightly.

And for devices attached still by a wire, your entertainment choices are endless, Half the battle is knowing what you want and then searching for any number of ways. But what of those folks that don't want all that programming to choose from and would rather sit back and let it all come to them; just surf their line-up. Either way, there is more than enough to choose from: broadcast and cable programming, radio and satellite radio, on-demand and on-line. The key for all our entertainment choices is the right search engine; Google did it for the internet, but who will make it work for tv and all our video choices. Have you met anyone who likes their cable box and the way you "navigate"? It's time for another innovation!

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