Monday, October 10, 2016

Galaxy Note Still Burning Customers

It seems that the release of the Apple 7 couldn't come at a more fortuitous time.  The latest Apple smartphone might just attract a whole new batch of customers as Samsung continues to have combustion issues with its mobile phone as its replacement phones may also be exploding.  Airlines don't want the phone on flights and customers may be wary of keeping one in their pocket.

Even wireless providers have given up on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  According to re/code, both AT&T and T-Mobile will no longer sell or exchange for another Galaxy phone.  Will customers choose to try another Samsung phone or is it more likely that they will switch to the Apple iPhone?  The stock market seems to believe they will switch and become Apple customers and that is making the stock price go higher.  In the last month, the stock price has risen almost 10%.

Can the Samsung smartphone business survive?  Could this help Google find a market for its new smartphone, the Google Pixel?  Timing is everything and the timing seems right. 

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