Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dish Loses Subs, What About DirecTv?

Today Dish announced that they lost over 280,000 subs in the second quarter.  In 2015 they lost 81k subs in Q2.  Springtime is not good for Dish.  Coupled with a loss in broadband subscribers as well, per Multichannel News, Dish is facing some true challenges. And they will soon find out how their competition is doing.  Is cord cutting at play for them or is something else occurring?

Later this afternoon, AT&T, owner of DirecTv, will be releasing its quarterly financials.  Many expect DirecTv to meet or beat its numbers.  According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T expects both revenue and earnings to grow ahead of expectations.  DirecTv may just benefit from the deeper pockets of its parent.  Once the financials are released, we may be able to discern if DirecTv has captured some business from Dish churn.

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