Friday, June 24, 2016

When Spokespeople Get Fired

The world of advertising with celebrity endorsements, funny catch phrases, and ordinary spokespeople, all try to capture the attention of the public and convince us that the product or service offered is the best one.  Over the years, a large number have become quite memorable, from Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes to Jared for Subway, some good and some bad.  And of course some great catchphrases too, from "Where's the Beef" to "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Yet advertising is a tricky business and nothing ever goes as planned.  Who would know that Jared would go from losing weight on Subway sandwiches to child porn.  But once a connection is made between performer and endorsement, managing that relationship, even when the campaign is stopped for a new direction, is a tricky business.  So I wonder why Verizon, who made their name on their spokesperson saying the phrase "Can You Hear Me Now", one that truly resonated in the annuls of advertising, would not have kept their young spokesperson on some kind of exclusive retainer.  Instead Verizon got a slap in the face.

The original...

And now...

Does AT&T have to worry about their young spokesperson "Lily, does Activia have to worry about Jamie Lee Curtis, or does it pay to keep them under some exclusivity?  Verizon certainly will find out if Sprint has caught them napping or not.

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