Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Cable Network Drops

If you are searching for Yankee preseason games on YES on your Comcast channel line-up, keeping looking.  A contract dispute has led to the dropping of the channel.  And except for press stories, no word from Comcast to its customers or any rebate for the dropped service.  But they are not alone; droped networks are part of the fabric between cable operator and cable network in the game of contract negotiations and renewal.

More recently, AT&T's U-Verse cable networks have dropped Univision, Galavision, and others in the contract dispute as well.  That drop affects about 6 miilion subscribers although their acquired DirecTv customers are not impacted.  DirecTv operates under separate contracts from U-Verse.  It is a tiring story that repeats itself across the country.  And as cable consolidation continues, expect its impact to become greater in the near future.

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